Teeth Cleaning and Regular Dental Check up | Hygiene Services London, ON.

Our hygiene services offered at Byronwood Dental in London, ON include teeth cleaning, periodontal maintenance, commonly known as “gum cleaning”, and your regular dental check up. Together, these are important ways to help maintain your healthy smile. At your regular dental check up appointment, the dental hygienist will review your medical and dental history; take X-Rays if they are necessary; scale the soft plaque and calculus that accumulates around your teeth and gums; and polish your teeth for that fresh from the dentist feel.

Then, Dr. Jeff will come and see you, examine your mouth and perform an oral cancer screening. Dr. Jeff will discuss with you any dental treatment that may be necessary.

We determine whether or not X-Rays are needed. Our team will review your medical history and performs an extra-oral and an intra-oral examination.

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