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Dental Bridges in London - A stable alternative to dentures, non-surgically replacement for one or more missing teeth

Dental Implant - Surgically implant a permanent tooth to replace a missing tooth. These can be combined with dentures if all of a person's teeth are missing.

Partial Dentures - Are used to replace missing teeth when the patient still has remaining natural teeth.

Dental crowns in London

Dental crowns are a good option when your tooth is severely damaged or weakened and requires an embracing hug of a crown. Also, when a tooth is misshaped or discolored, the crown restores the tooth to a more aesthetically pleasing state. Crowns, or caps, as they are commonly referred to, take two (2) appointments spaced two (2) weeks apart.

During your first appointment, Dr. Jeff, Byronwood Dentistry in London, ON. will gently file down a small amount of tooth to make room for the crown. Our dentist will then take a mold of your tooth to send it to the lab, where the crown is fabricated. While the crown is being made in the lab, a temporary crown will be provided for your tooth. Once the crown is made, Dr Jeff will painlessly cement the crown to your tooth.This last appointment is very short and rarely takes longer than thirty minutes.

Why do I have to replace missing teeth?

Many people wonder why they should replaced a lost tooth. The premature loss of a tooth does not always have to be replaced, but it can cause some delirious consequences such as complicating future restorative procedures, hampering cleaning of your teeth and gums, overloading the remaining teeth thus wearing them out, and in some cases, contributing to joint discomfort and muscle pain. There are a number of different methods to replace missing teeth. These include implant supported crowns, bridges, and partial dentures. They all have their benefits and weaknesses. Dr. Jeff can help you find what is right for you.

Dental Bridges in London:

A bridge may be a good option for you if you have lost a tooth, and the adjacent teeth are heavily restored and would benefit from crowning. The procedure requires that both adjacent teeth are prepared similar to that of a crown. A mold is taken of the teeth and sent to the lab for fabrication of the bridge. The lab returns three crowns made together as one unit two weeks later (It is sent back to our dental office in London ON). The bridge, then, is glued into the mouth replacing the missing tooth. Bridges are a time tested method of replacing a missing tooth and have been successful, but they required meticulous cleaning to prevent premature loss.

Partial Dentures:

They are a great way to replace more than one missing tooth. Partial dentures are removable appliances with teeth affixed to them and clasp to grasp adjacent teeth to maintain in the mouth. At our dentist's office in London, ON. They are a cheaper alternative that the other forms of tooth replacements and have served many patients very well.

Dental Implants:

At Byronwood Dental Centre, located in London, ON. An implant-supported-crown may be a right choice for you when you have lost a tooth. A dental implant consists of a titanium root that is placed into the bone and a crown is affixed to it. It can take a few months after the implant is placed into the bone before a crown can be placed. During this period a removable tooth is provided to replace the missing tooth.

Dental Bridges in LondonDental Crowns in LondonDental Bridges in London ON

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