Patient Appreciation Events

Every year since 2013 we have held a Patient Appreciation event here at Byronwood Dental.

Our first event, was at the Palasad here in London, Ontario. In 2014 we organized a bingo event, complete with fun for everyone and prizes for our lucky winners. This year, our patients had a Patient Appreciation Morning at Dwarf Tree Orchard. We had raffles, snacks and of course, a lot of fun. This great opportunity allowed our patients and their children to pick up some complimentary apples and a chance to meet other patients.

Dr. Jeffery Edwards and the staff here at the Byronwood Dental Office hold these events as a means to strengthen our community ties and give back love to our patients.

Dr. Jeffery Edwards and his team at the Byronwood Dental Office in London, Ontario are here for all your family and cosmetic dentistry needs. Contact one of our friendly and helpful staff members for more information on how YOU can partake in our next Patient Appreciation Event.

Below are some fun photos from our 2015 Patient Appreciation Morning: